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'Middleton Through Time' by Colette A. Wagstaffe

Middleton Through Time

A brand new Middleton book for 2013 which follows a journey meandering around the town from north to south before ending up at Birch. The book features no less than ninety pairs of 'then and now' images, with the addition of the occasional inset as an extra, showing just how much or how little areas have changed.

Many of the older images have not been published before and writer, Colette A. Wagstaffe, carefully selected the older photographs in her attempt to offer images not seen before, to share them with both townsfolk and expats alike.

Colette then proceeded to brave the elements and often busy roads in order to capture the 'now' shots from the nearest angle possible. Six months later, she is now delighted to be able to offer her work for people to purchase a copy of for themselves and that she hopes they enjoy reading.

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Order your SIGNED copy exclusively right here via secure website PayPal. Colette will personally sign it for you and post it out within a few days.

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This paperback book contains 96 pages and is priced at £14.99. A fixed £2.00 postage is charged for delivery within the UK.

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This paperback book contains 96 pages and is priced at £14.99. A fixed £5.00 postage is charged for delivery overseas (outside the UK).

Please note that once in PayPal, you can use the message to the seller box to state any specific message you would like the author to include when signing your book, for example, if it is to be a gift for somebody else. You can also email me here at colette@middletonia.co.uk to do the same.

Reviews and comments to the author

Just thought I send you a message and say thankyou so much for your wonderful book. It was such a lovely surprise when I got home. I can't wait for my mum to read it, she will be over the moon! Thanks once again and I wish you every success with your book.
Samantha Lamb, Middleton.

I would like to say what a fantastic job Colette has done on the book. She has worked hard on it and I am proud of her. Well done Col.
Michael G Brown, Middleton.

Just spent a couple of hours reliving my past - thanks to Col Wagstaffe and her new book. Brilliant, thank you - I didn't think I could remember some of the old Middleton (not that far back I might add) but it has been wonderful. You have done a grand job Col. Well done and thank you.
Barbara Barningham, Middleton.

Fabulous effort Col!
Mike Hicks, Middleton.

I had a lovely surprise earlier when a 'courier' arrived with my copy of 'Middleton Through Time'. Thanks Col. I have just spent the last hour reading it and it's fascinating to see the 'before and after' pictures of places which are so familiar. The thing that strikes me most is how neat and tidy most of the older pictures look without the clutter of cars and all the road markings and street furniture that they bring. Once again, well done Col, and thanks very much.
Stephen Waddington, Middleton.

Just a little note to thank you so much for the book. You have done a great job with it and must have taken up a lot of your time.
Alan Ogden, Middleton.

Great book Colette. Where's volume 2?
Gary Navin, Middleton.

Got mine from Amazon yesterday. It's great and can't wait to show my mum.
Steve Bloomer.

Just recieved the book..Brilliant and mind blowing!!! ...I'll be reading it more in depth after my housework... Well done Col...you're a Star.....Chinny. Looking forward to Vols 2,3 & 4...
Vic Hardman-Chinn, Cumbria.

Wooohooooo, we got our book, Andrew it's 'ere!!!!!! Me and son just had a quick flick through, looks fab.
Dawn Wray-Williamson, Middleton.

Adding my congratulations to Col. The book is lovely to browse but also full of history and stories which we will all pore over and study. Well done, Col. A great job!
John Wheatley, Cheshire.

It's brilliant. I have not put it down all day.
David Whiteman, Heywood.

What a lovely suprise as I arrived home from work this evening to find your book had arrived. I got a little overcome as I wish my parents were here to have seen it. They would have known many people and places. As I am a printer and photographer by trade, I am impressed with quality of the reproductions and general feel of the finished book. I really like the before and after shots in the book.
Paul Tomlinson, Lancaster.

Arrived today, fantastic book. Having a secret peek!!! My mum will love it.
Janet Hamer, Oldham.

Wah hay got my book, thanks Colette.
Neat Barclay, East Sussex.

Thank you Col, recieved your book today, its fab. Really love the now and then pictures, well done.
Jane Keane, Middleton.

Well done Col. the book is fantastic.
R.A, Bury.

Got the book today, thanks so much Colette. Mum and Dad are going to love it.
Chris Slater, Rochdale.

Col thank you so much for the book, it's fantastic. Can't wait to show my mum & dad and of course, Grandad Walter.
Michelle Hall, Heywood.

Just to say thanks, I received my book earlier. I am going to make a cup of coffee now and relax and start reading - my hubby says I won't get much work done today but who needs a clean house anyway, ha ha.....

Can't believe it, just gone to make lunch and my husband has picked the book up to start reading - he says to tell you a lot of hard work has gone into the making of this book - well done.
Sheila Johnson, Rochdale.

My book arrived today, would just like to say, beautifully written and a big well done. Thank you. Bigger and better than I imagined, my mam will like it as well when I show her.
Keith W Wellens, Middleton.

Mine arrived too, cant wait to read it.
Jackie Garnett-Allen, Oldham.

My book arrived today, thank you for signing it. My dad will be pleased when he gets it for his birthday.
Karen Owen Thackwell, Moston.

Mine arrived today too, looking forward to a trip down memory lane. Thanks Colette.
Jan Elliott, Cheshire.

Colette my book has arrived and looks brilliant - thank you.
Val Dawson, Staffs.

Just reading the book Colette and on page 34, the corner of Chapel street - me and my mum walking up Wood Street! I was 14 at the time and we lived on Pleasant Springs. I dont remember the photographer!
Val Dawson, Staffs.

I keep putting mine down, because i dont want to finish reading it..so pleased with the book and so many memories, big well done to you Colette.
Neat Barclay, East Sussex.

Thank you very much. Read it 1 1/2 times already. Great Stuff. Don't forget I want another when I come over.
Jim Hilton, Germany.

Well Col, just as I expected, my mum & dad have snaffled my book! They were over the moon, especially when they found pics of their first home, not only the front of the house but also a close up of the back!! It's the first time I've seen the river at the back but I remember it being drummed into me that I must never go through the gate in the yard 'cos of the dangerous river there! Thanks again Col.
Michelle Hall, Heywood.

Thanks Col - Book arrived this morning - not read yet of course, but looks really interesting.
Len Hayes, Middleton.

Thanks Col, got my book off Tony. Excellent. Saw some pics that jogged my memory, thanks for the signing, perfect too...
Ri Evansta, Middleton.

It's great, I keep reading it over & over, so many lovely memories.
Patricia Clewes, Bacup.

Your book is excellent. I had no idea that comparison images could look so well set together in one book. The book is fascinating. I think it will be a great success.
Geoff Wellens, Middleton.

Col, thoroughly enjoyed your book. Will definitely re-read again this weekend. That could very well be me and my mam walking up Wood St, passing Chapel St, can't see it properly. Could be any body, it's just the style of the clothing at that time put me in mind of how we were. Good memories!!!
Jean Rutter, Middleton.

Woohoo...new book arrived today...thanks Col Wagstaffe.
Neil Maycock, Australia.

The book arrived in Oz thanks Col Wagstaffe. I'm delighted with it, you did a great job. Brings back some nice memories, sad to see some of the changes, but that is life. Thanks again for all your hard work on this.
Stephen Winnick, Australia.

Your book just found its way to San Jose! So excited to read it. Love the smell of a new book. Cheers
Jackie Kite, United States.

Got your book today Col. It's smaller than I expected, and it isn't signed, but it looks a good read. I'll have a read, then see if I can send it back for a refund!
Paul Emsley, Middleton.

Great work on the book, only just had chance to look at it! My dad said well done too, great book and great photos!
Alison Drury, Cheshire.

Hello Colette. You don't know me. However, just a note to say how much myself and family have enjoyed reading your new book. From all Middleton's "Futers" clan, well done, it is a lovely well put together photographic historical review.
Douglas J. Futers, Middleton.

My mum's birthday today. I gave her your book and when she saw the picture of the Joiners Arms, I got a running commentary of who lived where. She lived next door to it. She loves your book and said thanks.
Keith W Wellens, Middleton.

Hi Colette, just wanted you to know I took your book into work today and it was a great topic with the people I work with. They loved the book and pics so much I am taking it in again at the weekend. So would like to say thanks so much for the memories it holds and to be able to share them with these here southerners.
Neat Barclay. East Sussex.

Colette. It has taken me a while to get around to checking out your book but I'm absolutely loving it so far...well impressed.
Terry McGarry, Middleton.

Monika showed me your book this morning. Very impressive! Congratulations on such a beautiful and interesting pictorial history of Middleton. You are so talented!
Sandra Dixon Sanderson, United States.

Got your book today. Congrats, love what I have seen already.....

So much for me getting to your book tonight. Dieter has hogged it and he says its great and sends his love. He says I have to wait my turn.
Hazel Sittig, South Africa.

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