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As creator of this site, I am by no means an expert in politics, but local political issues are of great importance in our town which is why this section must be included in a community website.

Some of us find most of political goings-on quite boring or a little over our heads, or even think that what 'we' think wouldn't make any difference anyway, but thats not necessarily true. A website like this could be the key to communicating with our local councillors and trying to resolve local issues. As our councillors claim to have our interests at heart, I am sure that they would be happy to become involved in this site and deal with our queries and issues for all to see rather than just promises over the phone to individuals that sometimes come to nothing. We can use this section to emphasise problems in our town and maybe eventually eradicate them. We can use it to air our views and maybe have our own vote on things and petition against things happening that we are not happy with.

Having grew up and lived in Middleton all my life, I too have seen the many changes for the worse over the years ever since Rochdale Council took over in 1974. I don't quite understand myself why we had to go into Rochdale from being independant back then as I was only 8 years old and didn't know anything about it. But even from reading the local paper, it is evident that there is a growing revolt against this decision many years ago that has left our town less than a shadow of its former glory, and a resentment towards Rochdale Council for the mess everything is now. It's clear that many would like to 'sack' Rochdale Council for doing a rubbish job all these years and gain independant control over our town once more. Is there a way back to our independance?

Maybe the site can get the ball rolling here and bring our councillors on board for their opinions and input. Why not see where we can take this? or at the very least, make a start on improving our lot here in Middleton and get more value for our money from Rochdale Council, and above all, more say in our town when it comes to deciding whats best for it because only Middleton folk know that.
Not pen-pushers and bureaucrats in offices in Rochdale.

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