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The Schoolhouse

The Schoolhouse

The Schoolhouse is situated in the heart of the conservation area close to the Olde Boars Head and the library on Long St. Built in 1842 in an attractive traditional style and of light sand coloured stone with mullioned windows, it was founded by Richard Durnford who was Rector of Middleton, and was known as Middleton Parish School. The building is grade II listed. The school was extended in 1859 due to the ever growing population and again in 1892. By 1979 it was probably decided that the old building no longer came up to the standards expected of schools in the modern age and a brand new school was built on Springfield Rd. Middletonians now in their 40's will remember still attending the old school before the move.

The building became premises for a restaurant and function room facility, the owners having a similar set up in Ashton-Under-Lyne. They named both 'The Schoolhouse Restaurants. I enjoyed several meals in there myself as it was one of only two true restaurants to go to for a traditional English meal in Middleton during the 1990's. The owners then decided to change the theme turning the place into the more trendy Major Wildes club which after a couple of visits, I personally found to be lacking in atmosphere. Maybe I wasn't the only one as this club didn't seem to last more than a year or two, perhaps with the novelty wearing off and Middletonians returning to their old and trusty haunts.
The place has since opened as and remains a private day nursery which is a more fitting activity for a building originally built as a school.

Written by the editor. August 2008


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