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Richard Assheton

Richard Assheton, Lord of the Manor was grandson of the first Ralph Assheton who aged around 31 succeeded at the Battle of Flodden in 1513 after leading the famous Middleton Archers to the field. They were part of an English army that fought the scottish Stuart army led by James IV of Scotland who tried to invade while Henry VIII was away fighting the French. The battle resulted in the death of 10,000 Scots and James IV himself.

Sir Richard was Knighted and recieved many benefits for his efforts and in 1524 he partially re-built the Parish Church and dedicated his standard and armour to St. Leonard. They were placed in the church where they can be seen today. The stained glass window at the church depicts 17 Middleton Archers along with Richard and his wife in prayer before battle and is thought to be the oldest war memorial in the UK. Sir Richard died in January 1548 and is buried at Middleton.

Written by the editor, July 2008


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