People and places of Middleton
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In this section I would like a brief account of as many people and places that are famous, important or relevant to Middleton. I have started the sections with a couple of entries which as time allows I would like to add more of but this is where I need the help of my fellow Middletonians.

Anyone with a passion for, connection to or just a keen interest in any prominent person or place in Middleton, past or present, who would like to celebrate that person or place by way of writing their own article is invited to do so here. Photographs or illustrations will enhance the section even more and can be attached to your e-mails. Please try to ensure accuracy of information and dates as closely as possible and please write your own version of events as true to your knowledge or from any research but please don't just copy another article as this will certainly almost always be breaching copyright laws.

Even if you haven't really written before, why not have ago? You might discover a creative talent you never knew you had! And who knows how many people will be reading your own work here? Please send your articles to me by e-mail to colette@middletonia.co.uk. You will be credited for the article and may use your full name, initials or even a nick-name! Please see privacy policy and terms and conditions.

I will be listing places in alphabetical order and people in order of date from past to present day as I think that will be an interesting format in itself. Our own little 'Chronicle of Middleton.'

Another interesting website to browse!

Middleton, Manchester Pre World War II
Local lady and expat Joan White has developed this interesting site looking at many areas of Middleton of the past. An invaluable tool for researchers and for people in a nostalgic mood!

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