People and places of Middleton
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Middleton People

Middleton People

Roger de Middleton. c1100's. (First recorded Lord of the Manor)

Thomas Langley. 1363-1437 (Clergyman/Politician)

Sir Ralph Assheton. c1400's (Lord of the Manor)

Sir Richard Assheton. 1482-1548 (Lord of the Manor)

Sir Ashton Lever. 1729-1788 (Gentry of Alkrington)

Harbord Harbord. 1734-1810 (Lord of the Manor)

Samuel Bamford. 1788-1872 (Radical/Poet)

The Schwabes. (1800's mill owners)

Edgar Wood. 1860-1935 (Architect)

Joel Halliwell VC. 1881-1958 (War Hero)

Bernard Manning. 1930-2007. (Comedian)

Pete Cowap. 1944-1997. (Musician/Singer)

Mike Harding. 1944- (Entertainer/Musician)

Trev Goodwin. 1950- (Artist)

The Chameleons. 1980's (Indie Band)

The Mock Turtles. 1985- (Indie Band)

Steve Coogan. 1965- (Comedian/Actor)

Paul Scholes (Footballer)

The Courteeners. (Indie Band)

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Middleton, Manchester Pre World War II
Local lady and expat Joan White has developed this interesting site looking at many areas of Middleton of the past. An invaluable tool for researchers and for people in a nostalgic mood!

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