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Alkrington Hall

Alkrington Hall.

This Hall was built in 1736 by Sir Darcy Lever and designed in the Georgian style of the time by Giocomo Leoni. There was probably another more ancient Hall on the site previously, similar to Middleton's tudor Tonge Hall nearby, the remains of which can still be seen today but there is little record of this. The manor of Alkrington was purchased by the Lever family in 1627* who went on to buy several surrounding estates making them one of the wealthiest families in the south of Lancashire. The last family member John Lever died with no heirs in 1834 and the Hall and estate was then sold on to owners who reduced the estate by selling off much of the land.

In 1942 the house came into the possession of the local council and was in time converted into bedsits to be rented out. I remember this as a teenager in the 1980's and had the impression these bedsits were a little on the 'squalid' side although I have never been inside the building myself. Then a decision was made by the council to sell the building, the tenants were rehoused and the house was bought by developers who in the early to mid 1990's restored and converted the Hall into four luxury private dwellings.

This has been something of a loss to the people of Middleton to have a historic Hall inaccessible due to privatisation. However, apart from this little else has changed and the Hall still sits within our beautiful Alkrington Woods with all its natural beauty, lodges and wildlife, and can still be viewed in all its splendour.

Written by the editor. May 2008

* denotes conflicting information during research. One source said 1627, another said 1672.


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