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A Middleton pub crawl

What you need to do is get busy taking digital images of Middleton's local hostelries. It would probably be of great interest for friends of afar and of course future generations and chroniclers. Maybe you could get breweries and landlords/ladies to sponsor you on a Middleton pub tour.

The Hare and Hounds Starting at The Old Cock and working your way down Oldham Road calling at The Nowster, slip over the road to The Carters followed by a short walk to The Hare and Hounds. Crossing over the road, walk down to The Dog and Partridge, out of The Dog and up to The Oddfellows. A short hop would bring you to The World Famous Brunswick, (externals and internals including The Carlton Suite please). Over the road to the closed Railway, (face saddens). Down Townley Street and turn left to The Bricklayers Arms, The Bricklayers Arms over the road and into The Assheton Arms, through the bar and up the road to The New Inn, cross the road and a short walk brings you to The Olde Boars Head, (home of Peter Cowap's Blue Plaque), a walk up Long Street and take a right to The Ring 'O' Bells, back down to Long Street we find The Hare and Hounds, (which I believe is now shut). A short walk gets you to The Friendship Inn, out of the Friendship and into The Brewers, (also closed I believe).

The Assheton Arms At this point the crawlers are in a dilemma whether to head south or north, sense prevails and beer tracks are followed to the nearest pub, The Crown Inn, turning right out the Crown a short stroll to The White Hart, out of the White Hart and a walk up Rochdale road finds The Black Bull.

The New Inn From the Black Bull, a taxi is required for conveyance to The Boarshaw Hotel. Fortunately, (or unfortunately) for the crawlers the distance between pubs is slightly more than at the start of the crawl. Down Boarshaw road to The Cotton Tree Inn, out of The Cotton Tree turn left and a meander down Boarshaw Road and The Royal Oak, carrying on south and to The Dark Nook.

Some 22 pubs later and the crawlers are heading home to The World Famous Brunswick, with cameras full of digital imagery, bellies full of Middleton's Finest and a full set of rubbery legs.

The Olde Boars Head Believe it or not on a Sunday night years ago, around twenty of us used to take this pub crawl on, although we started at the Brunswick and went from the Friendship to The Dark Nook taking in some 12 pubs, then end up back in The Brunswick ordering 3 pints each for last orders, 60 pints of bitter in one order. It drove the bar staff daft.

The last time I was in Middleton was 2006 for The Dusting of the Plaque's "The Powerhouse Reunion". I have not been back since so I only find out what's going on from the digital version of the Middleton Guardian.

Submitted by Dave Turnbull. Feb 2010.

Thanks Dave. Not sure how far I would get before I'd be on my back but sounds like a plan! Will have to see what I can do. The Dog & Partridge has also sadly been closed for some time now and the plan is for it to be turned into some sort of admin centre so another good little pub gone forever. The Ed.

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