People and places of Middleton
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Your Memories

F. Wagstaffe's Bakery. 1960's/70's. Long St.
A memory of the editor.

Railway Stories
Railway stories of the 1960's - by Malcolm Taylor
More local railway stories - by Harold Philbin

Music in Middleton
Music in Middleton
Joe Meek (The Middleton connection)
By Danny Hardman. Please note because of the music content these pages may take up to a minute to download. Computers with 'Quicktime' should be able to play the music and computers without should be able to download it easily and for free following the instructions.

Alkrington Woods Memories
By Neil Tattersall.

The Arndale Centre
A nostalgic look at an era of great changes in social history, by the editor.

Childhood Memories
By Tony Anderson.

A Middleton pub crawl
By Dave Turnbull.

Memories of Rhodes Village
By Frank Jackson.

Remedies of the 40s and 50s
By GW.

Those times that time forgot
By Harold Philbin.

A Police Story
By Harold Philbin.

Behind the White Wall
More Rhodes memories by Rena Griffiths (nee Patsy Pedley).

Memories of Megert's Confectioners
By Paul Tomlinson.

Langley Memories
By Trev Goodwin.

More Langley and Middleton Memories
By Vincent Stafford.

A Middleton War Story
By Neil Tattersall.

A Facebook Chat Down Memory Lane
By various contributors.

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