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This is for all Expats to get in touch with each other or share your memories of how you remember Middleton and what you think of the changes. Send in your stories, names and contact details if you would like old friends to get in touch. Tell us your memories and your reasons for leaving. How tough was the life-changing decision? And how different your life is now? Do you think you will ever come back to stay or stay put now? It's all interesting stuff!

David Pickup

David Pickup Hi, I'm David Pickup. I took great interest in Neil Tattersall's article about Alkrington School, plus the photo of the cricket team. I left Alkrington school in 1952 and the guys on the photo were my classmates. Len Dyson was my best friend at the time and John Fiander became a friend some years later through North Manchester Golf Club. I am still in contact with Ian Lucas, another in this class.

I used to live on Brierley Drive with my parents and two sisters. After leaving Alky, I attended Queen Elizabeth's along with many others from Alky. On leaving QEGS, I worked in Middleton at Belstaff on Oldham Road next to the Warwick Mill where I was a manager for the following 20 or so years!

I married a Middleton girl, Valerie James, in the early 70s and we were blessed with two daughters, Catherine and Elizabeth. I remained working in the polymer/textile Industry in technical/management capacities all of my working life and took early retirement in 2002.

I now live in a small fishing town called Cambrils which is near Tarragona in Catalunya, Spain. My younger daughter, husband and 6 year old grandson, Max, live just along the road from us. We are only a 10 min walk from the beach so it is ideal.

Life is peaceful despite Spain's woes. The area and the people are great - a little like England in the 60s. I am not the best Spanish speaker but I have a laugh with the locals who call me Tio Dave (uncle Dave). They are all Barca fans and being a United supporter, makes for a great crack. A lot of my time is taken up by looking after little Max before and after school as Elizabeth works.

Would I want to return? Naaah, I love it here! I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Jim Hilton

A young Jim I was born 14th January 1944 in Boundary Park Maternity Ward, to Margaret Hilton, nee Prendergast and George Hilton. We lived on the corner of Boarshaw Road and Dixon Street and our back yard complete with bomb shelter backed on to the Boarshaw Working Men's Club on Brassey Street. My father worked at AVROs and so was not allowed in the Services. Good thing too as I would very probably not exist otherwise! We moved about 400 yds to 10 Boarshaw Clough when my dad started with Chadwick's as a pipe fitter about 1952/3. I am the eldest of 5 children and was usually known by my second name Jim. Then came Mike, David, Barbara and Ken. Mike and Ken still live on Boarshaw, Barbara in Milnrow and David I think in Failsworth.

As a child I attended Parish school until 1955 and played on Boarshaw rec mostly until puberty kicked in and interests changed. After a childhood illness that kept me in Booth Hall from Dec 1956 till end of June 1957, my schooling went very much off track and I eventually left school in 1959 and started as an Jim with Ulrike apprentice electrician at Chadwick's. Nothing Really of note for the next couple of years but at 18 (1962) decided I wanted away from the grime of Middleton (This before clean air acts kicked in of course). I applied to join the army but after they heard of the illness above. I was turned down.

Nothing daunted, I applied again in early 1964 and never mentioned the illness. I was accepted and went to Catterick in April 1964 to join The Royal Corps of Signals (Royal Signals or R. Sigs if you wish to abbreviate). I trained as an Electronics Technician. I served in Germany, Catterick, Malta, Germany, Kent, Blandford Forum and again Germany for a total of 23 years eventually retiring from the Army. I have no intention of expanding on my army life at this time, except to mention the monor matter of my marriage. This took place in Helmstedt, West Germany on 7th June 1968 to Ulrike Augsten and we are still married.

Jim Hilton today Over the next 10 years we had 3 daughters and also now have 4 grandchildren, the oldest now 22 is serving with R Sigs at this time. After my Army service I continued as a Civil Servant Electronics Engineer for another 17 years with basically the same unit in Germany until my retirement, age 61, in 2005. I stayed so long in germany as my parents died relatively young (Father in 1970 and Mother in 1980) and Ulrike's Mother was the only one needing our support. Therefore, on retirement, I decided to buy a flat in Schwalmtal and stay in the area I had lived and worked in for the last 24 years. Gone native I think they call it!

If you remember Jim, you can contact him at georgejhilton@aol.com

Barbara Hazard

I have been sitting here reading your expats letters and it occurred to me I might send you an email also. I moved to Alkrington in the early 50s as a young child. I attended Alkrington Junior School and later Durnford Street Secondary school. My friends and class mates will remember me as Barbara Hazard, although I got marred in 1965 and became Barbara Burgess. I have very fond memories of Middleton from way before the Arndale shopping centre was built. I remember the electricity show rooms where there were beautiful cooking demonstrations. I think Miss Booth, our domestic science teacher took us down there once. We had some lovely teachers at Durnford Street. Miss Sensickle, Mr Dillon, Mrs Mather and Mr Fisher to name a few. I live in the hills behind Perth Western Australia now since my husband retired. I have lived in Perth since 1975. I love to read your Middleton Memories magazine and would just love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Kind regards to yourself and all your readers, Barbara Burgess.
Email Barbara at barbiebaus@iinet.net.au

Gary Flint

Gary Flint lived on Kingsway in Alkrington and spent many days, "hanging around the Arndale, swimming in the baths and walking the streets, the cinema, the pubs and the list goes on.... Oh yes, and Alky Woods. Some great memories!"

"I now live in Perth, Western Australia, but I will be visiting Middleton at the end of September 2011. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me."

Gary Flint
PHONE: 08 9330 8679 . MOBILE: 0400 459 788

Frank and Pat Jackson

Frank and Pat Frank and Pat are currently in Perth, Western Australia. They hope to return to Middleton for an extended holiday when they retire around October 2010. Both from Rhodes, Frank was born at 54 Boardman Lane and Pat moved into the street when she was 12. Although they only lived a few doors apart it wasn't until Pat's family moved down to 147 Walker Street and Frank's family moved virtually across the back at 682 Manchester Old Road (due to the old Boardman Lane being demolished) that they started courting.

After they became engaged, Pat's family moved to Sydney, Australia and Frank followed 12 months later after he finished his apprenticeship. They got married in October 1964 and have 3 daughters and 8 grandchildren. As the couple will have lots of time to catch up with old friends, they would like to hear from anybody who they went to school or worked with to catch up and have a bit of a drink.

Frank (Arthur) Jackson was born 1942 and Went to Bottom school, Top school and Radcliffe Tech. He worked for the North western Gas Board. Mary (Patrica) Jackson (nee Flanagan) was born 1943 and went to Top School and worked at J A Pattrieus cigarette company.

They can be contacted on:
Email: fj1881@bigpond.net.au
Tel +61 08 9562 1944
Or by mail to: Frank & Patricia Jackson, 37 Buffet Ramble, Quinns Rocks, Perth 6030, Western Australia

Steve Parkinson (Born 1963)

Steve Parkinson steveparkinson@live.com
Grasmere Walk, Langley 1963 - 1976
Now in Almeria, Spain.
Thirlmere Drive, Langley Primary, Langley High, QUEGs

Hi people. Just a very quick note here to get this section started.... Although I love my home town very much... I don't love the weather... hence when the chance came to move to the hottest region of Spain... I did it and I'm sorry but I have no immediate plans to return.

Have fond memories and still keep in contact with the likes of Ralph Cutler, Steve Welby. Would dearly love to see a school reunion going.... and think something is in the pipeline, if you have any details send them to the editor and I am sure she will gladly put the news up here.

Here is me on national TV in Spain a couple of years ago, with a friend that brought an Armoured Personnel Carrier into the country (the first and only privately owned ex military tracked vehicle in Spain!!!) click here.

Here are some names I remember but would like to get back in contact with Neal McClaren (Clazzy), Stuart Collins, Michael Tate, Lesley Price, Stephen Beckett, Susan Coutts, Suzan Price, and many more....

Adios Amigos

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