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Childhood Memories

I have various childhood memories of Middleton growing up in Langley. I used to use Limetrees park as a short cut and used to jump over the railings and wall. I forgot it was higher at the other end once! Broke both my ankles!!

Does anybody remember the cemetery on wood street and the fairs facing the Woodman and Whod'a Thowt It? When the fair left, we'd go looking for any dropped tanners or threpny bits.

Or Middy baths with the diving boards? We used to do "bombers" (jump off the top board, curl legs up, hands round knees), land in the pool backside first and made a BIG splash and noise! The lifeguard would blow his whistle and kick us out.

Or the "cafe" on the balcony in the Arndale? Cup of OXO and bag of crisp, then round to "Tommys'" (with towel rolled up under arm) for a penn'th of scrapings!

All good memories..

Submitted by Mr Tony Anderson. Sept 2009.

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