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Bibliography and Acknowledgements

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Special Thanks to:-

Alan Ogden (His book started all this)
Morris Garratt (for pointing me in the right direction)
Jean Francis (for introducing me to the works of Bamford)
All the staff at Middleton Library and Local History Dept.
Margaret ?, who used to be at Junction Library and is now at the Wheatsheaf, Rochdale (for encouraging me to write)
Margaret (Peggy) Smith (for details about weaving)
Carl Goldberg (for indentifying a clock)
Beryl and Ronnie Power (for information about Booth's house)
The staff of the CWS Library and Information Unit.
Rochdale Muniments Department
Elaine Barnett (for general encouragement, research into Feargus O'Connor in Ireland and photocopying)
Neighbours Alf and Robert Healey
Alan Barnes and Colette Wagstaffe (Brewer and proof-reader, also Hon. members of the J.F.O.)
And various Residents of Grimshaw Lane (who have supplied details of their house deeds)

Sincere apologies to anyone inadvertantly overlooked.

Please read on for an appeal. (not for money - unless of course you insist! )

Re John Hilton. I would be grateful for any information to help identify the John Hilton who was Middleton's representative on the first Board of the CWS. Are you a descendant? Especially, do you know where he lived? Do you know how old he was in any given year? Is the John Hilton who appears on the first ever Middleton Town Council the same person?

Re George Booth. Are you a descendant? Do you know what happened to him or where he was working between 1864 and 1900? Does anyone have a photograph of him?

Re Amos Hyde. Where did Amos Hyde live before he moved to Grimshaw Lane in 1853?

Any information on any of the people connected with the group would be welcome, particulary where they were living at the time. Do you recall any elderly relatives talking about who founded the CWS? Facts, rumours, folk-lore, even plain old fashioned malicious gossip? All will be gladly received.

Ray Wilson. (Now deceased)

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