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1100: St. Leonards Parish Church built
1363: Birth of Thomas Langley
1412: Re-building of the Parish Church by Thomas Langley
1437: Death of Thomas Langley
1438: Ralph Assheton married Margery de Barton inheriting the estate of Middleton
1482: Birth of Richard Assheton, grandson of Ralph
1483: Ralph Assheton knighted
1513: Richard Assheton led the Middleton Archers to Battle of Flodden

1524: Richard Assheton knighted
1524: 2nd Re-build of the Parish Church by Sir Richard Assheton

1548: Death of Sir Richard Assheton
1572: Middleton Grammar School founded
1582: Tonge Hall built
1586: Middleton Grammar School built and opened
1587: Olde Boars Head Inn established
1729: Birth of Ashton Lever of Alkrington Hall
1734: Birth of Harbord Harbord
1736: Alkrington Hall built
1742: Death of Darcy Lever, father of Ashton
1745: Bonnie Prince Charlie took refuge at the Olde Boars Head
1760: Harbord Harbord married Mary Assheton, heir to Manor of Middleton
1765: Harbord Harbord inherited the estate of Middleton
1770: Dwellings in Middleton were recorded as 20
1772: Alkrington Colliery established by Ashton Lever

1778: Ashton Lever knighted
1778: Royal family visit to Sir Ashton Levers museum at Alkrington Hall
1778: Silk weaving was introduced in Middleton

1786: Harbord Harbord became 1st Baron Suffield

1788: Death of Sir Ashton Lever
1788: Birth of radical Sam Bamford

1791: Middleton granted Market Charter obtained by Lord Suffield
1794: Building of Rochdale Canal commenced
1804: Opening of Rochdale Canal
1807: Parish Church clock replaced
1810: Death of Lord Suffield

1812: Middleton luddite riots
1812: First Ringing of the 'Nowster' curfew bell

1819: Sam Bamford led Middleton people to Manchester for a meeting that led to the Peterloo Massacre
1820: More riots in Middleton
1823: Death of Mary, wife of Lord Suffield
1826: Hottest summer recorded for 60 years

1828: Flood
1828: Lees Brewery founded

1833: Schwabes calico printing established at Rhodes
1835: Death of Edward Harbord, 3rd Baron Suffield of Middleton

1839: Earthquake
1839: First railway at Mills Hill

1840: Middleton Botanical Society established
1842: Middleton Parish School built, Long St

1843: Earthquake
1843: Factory worker riots

1845: Middleton Hall demolished
1845: Middleton Angling Society established

1846: Chimney built for Schwabes at Rhodes
1848: Mechanics Institute established
1853: Death of Salis Schwabe of Rhodes

1857: Middleton Station opened
1857: Railway Hotel Built

1859: Middleton Literary Institute established
1859: Middleton Parish School extended

1860: Birth of Edgar Wood
1861: Middleton and Tonge Improvement Commissioners established
1862: Holy Trinity Church, Parkfield was built

1864: Middleton and Tonge public baths opened
1864: All Saints Church, Rhodes was built

1867: St Peter's Church built
1872: Death of Samuel Bamford
1874: Police station opened at Market Place

1877: St Peters catholic school opened
1877: Middleton Guardian newspaper published

1879: Alkrington and parts of Hopwood and Thornham become within Middleton
1881: Birth of Joel Halliwell VC

1885: St Gabriels Church built
1885: Langley Hall demolished

1886: Middleton and Tonge became a borough

1889: Opening of Middleton Library
1889: Opening of Jubilee Park

1892: Middleton Parish School extended
1895: Middleton Albion Newspaper closed
1897: Diamond jubilee of reign of Queen Victoria
1899: Edgar Wood designed fountain installed in Middleton

1901: Long St Methodist Church opened
1901: Census records 25,178 residents in Middleton

1910: Durnford St Secondary School opened
1912: Palace Cinema opened on Manchester Old Road
1913: Royal visit of King George V and Queen Mary
1918: Joel Halliwell rescued 10 wounded comrades during the Great War
1919: Olde Boars Head saved from demolition to site a war memorial
1921: Royal visit of Edward Prince of Wales
1922: Edgar Wood retired to Italy
1923: Tonge Social and Bowling Club opened
1925: Edgar Woods fountain moved to Queen St.
1927: Middleton flood
1934: Middleton Gardens opened October 20th by Councillor J Cockshott JP. Designed by John Pollard LRIBA.

1935: Death of Edgar Wood
1935: Gas tower built

1938: Fountain St baths opened

1939: Last ringing of the 'Nowster' curfew bell
1939: Last through journey on Rochdale Canal before dis-use

1943: First woman mayor elected
1958: Death of Joel Halliwell VC
1959: Cardinal Langley School opened
1960: Edgar Woods Fountain demolished

1964: Middleton Station closed
1972: Middleton Arndale Shopping Centre opened

1974: Middleton merged with Rochdale as part of new Metropolitan Borough Council
1974: Rochdale Canal Trust established

1979: Middleton Parish School closed after the building of a modern school

1981: Schwabes Chimney demolished
1981: Formation of Middleton band The Chameleons

1986: New Middleton Gardens opened April 7th by Councillor Les Worsley.
1987: Gas Tower demolished
1995: Durnford St School part demolished

2002: Rochdale Canal re-opened after years of restoration
2002: Remains of Durnford St School demolished

2007: Tonge Hall partly destroyed in arson attack

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