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Terms and Conditions

Due to the nature of this site there really aren't, nor do I want there to be many terms and conditions. Although I hope to run the site in a professional and responsible manner to the best of my ability, it is ultimately an informal, friendly community website for the local community to share and I have no desire to have it filled with complicated jargon and legalities unless I am forced to do so as a result of having to protect myself and the site in the event of any threat.

As editor and owner of the site I will remain totally neutral and unbiased wherever possible but may have my own comments and opinions if I feel very strongly about something. I will use my descretion in deciding the content of the site regarding comments, views and opinions and although I am a strong believer in freedom of speech, I may occasionally refuse to post an item if I deem it to be too offensive or indeed 'illegal' for me to do so. I also reserve the right to edit wording where I feel it necessary but otherwise encourage people to speak their mind in their own words on whatever they wish. I will also be reluctant to include information on individuals that may be deemed slanderous or 'libel' unless the information is 100% accurate and proven without a shadow of a doubt. Where applicable, most sections will carry a 'disclaimer' stating that information provided is accurate to the best of my, or the writers knowledge but shouldn't be relied upon as 100% accurate.

I will endeavour to post all items such as events and advertisements in good time but cannot be held responsible for any losses as a result of failure to do so due to technical problems or anything else that is out of my control.

Please also see privacy policy. Further terms and conditions will be added here as and when the need arises.

Privacy Policy

The easiest way to contact me at the moment is by email at colette@middletonia.co.uk. I cannot currently be available at the end of a phone at all times, although I am hoping to be able to offer a landline number soon that messages can be left on.


Your email addresses or any other details you provide me with will be seen by me, and me only, and will never be passed on to any third parties or revealed on the website unless of course you specifically ask me to do so for any reason. Remember that you are free to use your initials or even a nickname if you do not want your identity exposed on the site.

If however you would like your details online in the event of contacting like-minded individuals, to form new groups or clubs for example, I then cannot be held responsible for any unwanted attention as a result, however, another way to do this is would be to ask me to pass on personal details directly to another individual using the site and I will endeavour to do this although I may not necessarily be able to guarantee this will be done.

Your privacy is 100% guaranteed protected where required.


The content of this website is the work of its contributors and the editor and may not be copied elsewhere without prior permission of the editor. Permission may be granted in some cases, particularly if it is in the interest of the community itself. Anyone found to be copying from this website for their own personal gain may be prosecuted.


All articles are provided as a basic and general guide. All information is as accurate as possible to the knowledge of the writer and editor. However information provided here shouldn't be relied upon to be 100% accurate and the site cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages as a result of using the information. Any inaccurate information brought to the attention of the editor will be corrected.

Updated December 2011

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