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For the past year or so and especially since hitting the big '40' (and deciding it really was time I got a life as I'm not getting any younger) I have spent a lot of time searching and re-searching into new ideas, a lot of that time spent banging my head against a brick wall! There are many options and opportunities out there but a lot of hidden dangers too. Everything is a gamble. I've looked at all sorts of things to invest money into from property and land, investing into others' businesses or franchises and buying my own small business or setting one up but with most things there is something not quite right or too risky. There are no guarantees and certainly no 'get rich quick' schemes (not legal anyway) but a lot of people ready to convince you otherwise, suck you in and take your hard earned cash.

Ironically this time last year I was so fed up with so many things in this country that I was going to up-sticks altogether and move to Bulgaria of all places to run a B+B! Yes a bit of a dodgy place to be I know and it's a long story but I could've afforded a beautiful property there which I couldn't in my own country, not without being tied to a mortgage. I could live a much more laid back lifestyle in sunshine most of the year enjoying a much lower cost of living. Since they came into the EU, things could only get better there whereas here they are getting worse by the day! However it is still a major move, a big gamble and a very scary thing to do on your own so I started to look a little closer to home and put that idea on the back-burner for now, although I still might do it one day.

I started to resent the fact that I felt I could only be happy in another country, that I had given up on my own as it seemed to me that you just can't fight everything that is wrong anymore or have any say in what goes on. Few people bother to even try and just accept things. What happened to our back-bone? Is it so broken? Is it time to get out now while I have the chance? Abandon the sinking ship? People are leaving in their droves for the same reasons. Crime, legal systems, bureaucracy, tax, immigration, I could go on. Shall I leave with them or stay and fight?

There is so much wrong here and we get a say in very little. We are paying out more money all the time but only ever see a decline in standards of services we pay for yet we have no choice but to pay. There is no value for money. We are forced to pay for services irrelevant to us or that we know we will never need or use yet we are not given the choice to opt out of certain schemes. Yes of course we all have to pay tax and much of what we pay goes to other people. I can accept that system to address the balance in a civilised society but we are bled for more and more, the extent of which is only now becoming apparent such as the news reports of how we are lining MP's pockets for expenses for things most of us can only dream of. We are paying for luxuries for them that we can't afford for ourselves. Why? They go on about getting people off benefits and into work. Is that so they can pay out less of what the taxpayer is entitled to and rake even more tax in from their earnings whilst they do very little work for what they are paid? Because it strikes me that these are the biggest benefit spongers of the lot! Just where do we draw the line at just what we are prepared to pay for. The system is unfair to most ordinary hard working people just trying to live a normal life. We are not a bottomless pit of money.

Can anyone make a difference to everything that is wrong, no matter how small? Well why not try and where better to start than in my very own hometown? I have decided to stay put for now and do just that, try to get our community together once more and give us a louder voice. We may not be able to fight the nation yet but we could start closer to home and fight for our town!


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