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Hi, my name is Colette and as creator of Middletonia I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little more for anyone who would like to know. I don't want this to be a secretive nameless and faceless website devoid of personality, but rather a site run by a real human being and an ordinary Middleton one at that. Anything less would be defeating the object of what it is all about, community spirit!

I would love to be able to say I am Middleton born and bred but that isn't entirely true! I was actually born next-door in Heywood but wasn't given a lot of choice in the matter at the time. However I was moved to Middleton at the age of one and have spent most of the 40 years here since so I think that pretty much qualifies me as a good enough person to run this site. I went to schools in Middleton and grew up mostly in Alkrington. I have since lived mostly close to the centre of town, although I have also lived in Rhodes, Boarshaw, Langley and the Junction area. I have moved away briefly to Chadderton, Blackley and Rochdale but always ended up coming back as I never felt at home anywhere else. I'm not quite the gypsy I sound. I just went through a couple of phases of moving around a bit before settling.

I went to Art college in Rochdale after school and have since worked as a sewing machinist, artist, postwoman, (here in Middleton of course) and a care assistant for the elderly where I gained an NVQ2 in social care. I also ran my own small manufacturing business for several years. My last job was cleaning offices and toilets in a large engineering factory after being made redundant from my care job when the home closed down. So I've had a fairly diverse working life and can relate to many ordinary Middleton people who may, just like me, have tried going down several paths and may still be searching for the right one as we live and learn. I'm hoping that this site will be my right path.