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Cross Stitch

A picture of Cross Stitch

I have sent you three photos of my cross stitches, the one in the lilac hat is not finished yet. As you can see the photo of what they should look like are next to them. I only took this hobby up a couple of years ago and I really love doing them. It is a very relaxing hobby and I just love the ladies in hats series.

I did the lady in the green hat first, she was my first attempt. My friend who has been doing them for years and set me off wanting to have a go myself told me she doesn't believe in starting on simple ones. You have to count the stitches out as the canvasses are blank on these. You can get some with the picture already on them and they are easier, but this series are counted cross stitch. You have to find your centre and work from there. If you go wrong it throws all the picture out.

Of course there are loads to choose from, animals, scenes, even masterpieces and many more. Now I have to learn to frame them and that is not simple. They have to be washed and stretched. So I will wait until I have finished the lady in the lilac hat.


A picture of Cross Stitch A picture of Cross Stitch

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