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The Old Grammar School.

The Middleton Art Society is a group of local artists who meet up at the Rochdale Community Unit building on Cleworth Road at 7-9pm Tuesday nights. The Society has a permanent exhibition at the Old Grammar School. Original water colours, pastels and oil paintings by the group are for sale. The Old Grammar School is open 2-4pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact Margaret Carr on 0161 681 5652


Art Classes at Alkrington Community Centre

Qualified teacher instructs every Friday morning in a sociable atmosphere with refreshments.

For more information contact the Centre on 0161 643 6890

All welcome over 18 but there is currently a waiting list to join


Art Classes at the Vicarage, St Michael's Church

Qualified teacher instructs every Tuesday and Thursday, with two sessions. Morning session 10am-12pm, afternoon 1pm-3pm. An additional evening session takes place on Wednesday, 7pm-9pm.

For more information contact Helen Murphy on 653 5592


Trev Goodwin

Trev Goodwin Trev Goodwin was brought up on Langley Estate in the mid-sixties, quite a tough area according to Trev. Of his education he says, "The only subject I liked at high school was art, which was only spoilt by the art teacher who called everybody "Rover"! Political correctness had not been invented yet."

Trevor's first ever painting was of a Border Collie which he made for his grandmother when he was just twelve years old, but as Trevor says, "Looking back, it wasn’t that great, but I was hooked. I just loved the whole process. Can one get addicted to pure turpentine and linseed oil?"

It was then that he decided that he wanted to be a commercial artist when he left school. However, that was quickly 'undecided', when a fitter who worked with his father commented that ”he will never make an artist 'cos he’s left-handed”! Is there such a thing as left-handism?

Trevor at work The qualifications he didn’t manage to achieve at school were made up for by his pure enthusiasm for his unadulterated love of art. Although he has sold many paintings Trev still gets emotional when a total stranger likes his work enough to pay their hard earned money for a painting. "I consider it a great honour”, says Trev. The comedian Chubby Brown as recently bought a John Lennon painting from him, and Tracy Dawson bid in an auction for a painting of her late husband Les, the monies collected was donated to St Anne's Hospice.

Trevor's son Simon says of his father, "He is quite bohemian and off the wall. He wears a floppy hat, rides a motorbike, has a parrot called Clapton and paints his toenails black (for no other reason than he can do). His work is very individual. The black background produces an almost chiaroscuro effect. He is self-taught and has shown and sold his work in galleries, through music shops, has appeared in local newspapers and just recently was asked to appear on BBC radio Manchester".

Trevor can be contacted by email at susan@susangoodwin.wanadoo.co.uk or you can go to his website www.learn-to-oil-paint.co.uk

Some of Trevor's work

John Lennon Keith Richards Eric Clapton

June 2012

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