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Place your lost or found pets or items here. Email the details to me at colette@middletonia.co.uk. Please ensure you contact me to remove ads once pets/items have been found or retrieved in order to avoid unwanted queries.

You can also place a notice here for people or information you are seeking which can include a direct link to your email address. Where there is no email address please email Middletonia in the event of having any information that can be passed on to the person looking.


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Can you help? Jim Russell is coming over from Vancouver in September and is looking for old friend Ron Barrett (about 66 now) who lived on Langley and was a milkman.

Dennis Ryan has been trying to get in touch with Sylvia nee Roddy, possibly later Collins. She grew up on Hollin estate and worked at Queens Road bus depot in the 1950s and 60s. Please email me at colette@middletonia.co.uk if you have any information on either.

An Australian family researching their family roots would love to hear from anyone with info on the Hilton Fold Lane and Little Green area and a farm and/or cottages on the banks of the brook that ran under the lane where an Irish Mrs Hilton lived around the the turn of the 20th century. Other names connected to the family are Altoft, Goddard, Bell and Hornby.

History of the Schwabe family

Hi Colette, I was reading an article regarding the Schwabe family on your site. My great grandfather was an employee of the family in their print works. I think. However he was no ordinary worker as such but was one of two political refugees who were taken in by Julia Schwabe after they fled to England after the war in Italy. One named Quarati went on to become a protege of Julia's and with her help founded a school for poor children in Naples. The other Francis St Angelo worked in the commercial side of the industry. I can find no trace of where he worked only where he lived, Chorley, Moss Side and Middleton. And the fact that he had 9 children. He must have been successful as he ended his days living in a Hotel in Monaco with his servants. Are there any local historians, or local records I can consult.
Norman Smith

Expat seeks old friends

Middletonia is looking for the following ladies and gents who, if still with us, will be in their 80's by now. I would appreciate any contact from family members regarding their whereabouts today. Vera Lee (nee Slater) who lived on Boarshaw road before marriage, then Heywood, Ray Irons who was in the Navy in WWII and worked at the Land & Building in the 70's, Eddie Brierley, an electrician who worked at Smiths in Manchester and lived in Hollinwood, Joan Hudson (married name unknown), Joyce Berresford who lived in a prefab (married name unknown) and Doris Heap who had a son Rodney.


Hello: How far back in history do your records reflect the origins of the Hopwoods. A Jon Hopwood moved to America in 1650, I believe. Can you tell me more about the lineage of the Hopwood's there? I do so appreciate any information you provide. Thank you.
Sandra McKenzie

Alkrington, Middleton

I discovered your web-site when I was trying to find information on the old ice cream factory in Alkringtom Woods. One of my best friends, Mafalda lived there with her family and I have been trying to trace her but without any luck. I think her surname was Maggi and she went to school with me (St Thomas More, Alkrington). I am 51 now and have fantastic memories of my years as a child living in Alkrington, Middleton. I lived in the bungalow directly opposite the school gates, but even that didn't stop me being late for school!

My parents decided to move to Torquay when I was 13 and I have been back to Middleton a few times since. The last time was for my grandma's funeral. I knew it would probably be my last time as my grandma was the only reason we travelled 'home' so I made the most of my time there and visited all my old childhood haunts. I wasn't really allowed into Middleton but I would sneak there occasionally with my pals, especially to visit the new Arndale Centre. I can still remember the smell of that new building!

Back to Mafalda, I wish with all my heart I could find her again and wonder if you know of anyone who would know where I could find her? I remember going to her birthday party and she showed us around the ice cream factory. I had a wonderful time and tried many times to locate the factory when I ventured into the Woods with my brothers. Most of the time I couldn't find it, but I did once and when I told the man I was Mafalda's friend (she wasn't home) he gave us free lollies!

My mum used to take us to a chip shop in Middleton (it may have been called Tommy's) and they did the best fish and chips in the world. I love your web-site, what a great idea.
Best wishes...
Linda (Mallandaine)

Help in finding an old friend

Between 1989/1991 as a marketing consultant I developed detailed strategies for clients of CHINAL CONSULTING GROUP at their Blackfriars St offices in Manchester (firm moved from Manchester soon after). My 60-80 page reports were often improved by much appreciated suggestions from Nicola (Nic) who word processed and prepared them as presentation copies. Sadly, I can't recall Nic's maiden name and I never learned her married name.

She originally lived in Middleton, but I believe she, her husband Dave, and their little boy Ross moved to Alkrington mid '90's. Nic has never put her address on the Christmas cards she has sent every year to me and my family at our Moston address. My several attempts to find her have been fruitlless, but am trying again as yesterday's post brought yet another lovely card from Nic, Dave and Ross!

Could your column in some way help me to establish contact with them?
Many thanks
Kind Regards
Duncan (Don) Swann

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