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There are several options to advertise and various other ways to promote your business as set out below in order of price.

Standard listing in the Business Directory to include name, address and telephone number


Contribute an article of interest/information on your business line/skills/expertise in the relevant section on the site endorsed or signed by your name or company name.


Promote your business by offering a prize/gift/service along with a small article in the competition section.


Promote your business with any money off/sales/vouchers/2 for 1, etc in the Community Offers section.


Place a job vacancy in the classifieds.


For an enhanced listing in the Business Directory, a bolder advert with more information, a picture and a direct link to your website or e-mail address within a box can be placed or you can have just the link added to your standard listing (Please see examples in the Business Directory).

Link £30 per annum

Bold advert £50 per annum

A permanent ad can also be placed in in the Local Trade Ads section.

£75 per annum

Banner and side ads are immediately visible on every page visited on the site.

Small side ad £100 per annum

Medium side ad £200 per annum

Large side ad £300 per annum

Banner ad £500 per annum

If you do not have a website for your business, I can create a page for you accessible from the business directory via the link rate above. This is useful for people not yet using computer technology but the address can be given to customers to look at in the same way as having your own website. The page can be customised with your own information, pictures etc. and can regularly be altered or added to as required just by e-mailing me the details.

Your own web page £200 per annum

To place any of the above ads, simply email me with your details and preferences to colette@middletonia.co.uk

Please note: As this site is new and still in its very early development stages, these rates are trial rates. Although I hope to keep advertising rates as low as possible, space for some adverts may become limited depending on demand. In the event of this happening, solutions will be looked into or possibly premiums added for some space but the site is first and foremost a community website and advertising space secondly. As for now it will simply be down to a case of first come first served.

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