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Pencil portraits

Gracie Fields

Molly Moo Moo

From your favourite family snaps

By a Middleton artist

Gracie Fields Molly Moo Moo

Examples of the framed work (FRAMES NOT INCUDED)

Portraits are in pencil with a subtle hue of colour and are sent to the customers address on standard A4 paper for them to frame to their own requirements and taste.

Prices start at £55 for a single person. Each additional person will add £20 to the price but the picture size will remain A4 size so the more faces included, the smaller they will become. Special requirements or a larger A3 sized picture may be able to be arranged at an agreed price.

Customers can attach their chosen photograph/s to an email with their full name and address and send here to Middletonia. Payment is required in full using the secure Paypal facility on this page, before commencement of the portrait, and delivery of the finished picture can be expected in about a week. Portraits will be sent by registered post, the cost of which is included in the overall price.

Your photographs/portraits will only be used for promotional purposes if your permission is granted.

Email colette@middletonia.co.uk for more details or with specific requirements.

One subject portrait £55
Two subject portrait £75
Three subject portrait £95

Please email with any problems encountered when using the PayPal service.

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